No Matches vs. The Rest Of The House

The no match couples vs. the rest of the house is a story as old as time when it comes to AYTO. Surprise, surprise, it happened again. Two people, Jada and Joe, were spot on with the way they handle the specific situations they were put in, even tho they were portrayed to be in the wrong.

After finding out Clinton and Uche were a confirmed no match, Jada pulled Clinton aside for a little one-on-one time. Uche, who obviously still has strong feelings for Clinton, was not pleased. She confronted Jada asking what she talked to Clinton about — like it was any of her business to begin with. Jada was illustrated to be the villain in this situation, when she didn’t do anything wrong. Jada has made it very clear that she has wanted Clinton since day one. She sat on the sideline, patiently waiting her turn as Clinton and Uche became a power couple in the house. Not once did she try to interfere with their relationship. Now, knowing that Clinton and Uche are a confirmed no match, she made her move. Absolutely nothing wrong with what Jada did. It was finally her turn to try to make a connection with a guy she’s been drooling over for weeks.

At the Match Up Ceremony, Terrence laid into Anthony and Nicole saying that there is no chance they have a connection because both of them spend all day laying around with their confirmed no matches — Geles and Dimitri. Not a peep from the house. Then, Joe expressed his frustrations with the confirmed no matches by basically reiterating what Terrence said, and the fireworks went off. Kareem, out of all people, took offense to Joe’s comments. Which makes absolutely NO sense. Joe wasn’t even talking about Kareem. Alivia and Kareem could still possibly be a Perfect Match, so for him to be that upset about Joe’s comments is…confusing? I just don’t get it. My only question — what did Joe say that was wrong? You signed up to play a game, find your Perfect Match and win one million dollars. Joe has every right to be frustrated with the no matches still being attached at the hip and playing with his money. I can’t blame him, I’d be pissed too.

Back at the house, the argument continued with Emoney getting involved and Kareem proving once again that he’s a giant tool.

Kareem:Then, Joe with another all-time reaction:When Kareem called Joe and Emoney losers, that’s when I knew I was out on him. Canceling Kareem until further notice. My man, Tyler, said it best:

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the confirmed no matches should completely drop everything they have built and ignore each other for the rest of the season. I get it, there are real feelings and the possibility of pursuing relationships outside of the house. However, it’s a little selfish that people are clinging to their confirmed no matches instead of continuing to play the game to actually find their Perfect Match.

With that being said, I stand with #TeamLosers!

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