You’re A Crazy Person If You Think Johnny Bananas Is Cursed

“My theory about Bananas is ever since he stole that money from Sarah on Rivals III, he’s had horrible Challenge luck,” 

“This is gonna come back to haunt him. He has not won since he stole that money from Sarah, he hasn’t even made a final. And if he doesn’t make this final, I think that my theory is going to be proven.”

“Damn Bananas, that karma is still sticking around,”

These were real comments made by Jemmye during last night’s episode of The Challenge. Implying that there’s some sort of Challenge curse on Johnny Bananas because he took the money from Sarah on Rivals III is a WILD theory. I’m convinced Jemmye does not know how curses work.

  • The Curse of The Billy Goat that lasted 71 years before the Cubs finally won a World Series last year, real curse.
  • The Madden Curse, where the player who graces the cover of the game inevitably gets injured or has a subpar season the following year — real curse.
  • Missing the Final in consecutive years for ONLY the second time in fifteen tries? Not a curse.

Bananas failed to make the Final in the two seasons — Battle of the Exes II and Battle of the Bloodlines — leading up to him pulling the rug out from under Sarah and winning Rivals III. Was he cursed then too?

Jemmye seemed to be more excited that Bananas took an L than disappointed that she did too.

Even though Bananas has won more Challenges than anyone who has ever competed, the fact of the matter is you can’t win them all. You win some, you lose some. It happens. I’ll believe he is truly cursed if he never makes another Final. Until then, It’s just nonsense.

If you think this is the end for Johnny Bananas, well, here’s a message from the GOAT himself:​

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