Top Five Blindsides of All Time

Survivor is full of blindsides and with Season 35 in full swing we got to witness our first of hopefully many. Joe used his hidden immunity idol and it sent home NFL player Alan. 

With that being said, I think it’s also relevant to go back and look at the top greatest blindsides of all times, one of which still has me scratching my head. 

5. Survivor Cambodia Second Chance

Victim: Andrew Savage

Kelley Wentworth, though on the bottom pulls out an idol that no one, not even her closest friend Cierra knew about. The shocked faces were what all survivor fans dream of. Not a soul even had a thought that she had an idol, and that’s what makes idols great. As a result, Andrew Savage was sent home. 

4. Survivor Heroes v Villians

Victim: Tyson Apostol

Russell Hantz in true Russell and villain fashion, finds an idol and plays it perfectly. Many times he played the idol for himself, but not this time. After giving a speech about loyalty and integrity he gives his idol to his wing woman, Parvati, ultimately saving her from eviction. As a result, Tyson met his fate. 

3. Survivor Game Changers

Victim: Malcolm Freberg

What might be the craziest tribal council ever, ultimately ends in a blindside as you would expect. Lots of scheming and talking takes place and Brad tells Tai that the other half of the tribe is voting to evict Ciera. Tai decides he wants to flip the script and gives Ceira his hidden immunity idol, and it was goodbye Malcolm. 

2. Survivor Heroes v Villians

Victim: JT Thomas

As we almost reach number one, we find ourselves with an amazing season and one of the best players to ever play the game. Let’s recap one of the best speeches ever given before screwing up everyone else game.  ” Well Jeff it would be down right depressing to watch green bananas turn yellow, without my debaucherous little Villians.” 

Parvati pulls out one idol and gives it to Sandra. A sigh of relief is given by everyone else, knowing they voted for Jerri. Low and behold, Parvati pulls out a second idol and gives it to Jerri, which deflates all of the heroes balloon. JT, guess it pays to be a villain sometimes. 
1. And here we are. The craziest blindside of all time that still has me angry and confused. The one time a contestant was “evicted” with not a single vote. 

Survivor Game Changers

Victim: Cirie Fields

Going into the night 6 contestant remain and Brad Cullpepper has the immunity necklace. 

Then Tai pulls out two hidden immunity idols, playing one on himself and one on Aubry. Making 3/6 people safe. 

Next, Sarah pulls out the legacy advantage that can only be played with 6 people left so now only 2 people are vulnerable. 

Lastly, Troyzan pulls out yet another hidden immunity idol and Cirie is left with her head on the chopping block. Despite not receiving one vote, she was sent packing in one of the most emotional departures ever. We will never truly know, but I believe Cirie was sitting very pretty to win the whole game and it’s a shame she went out this way. 
Stay tuned to Season 35 Heroes, Healers and Hustlers for hopefully a season full of big moves and blindsides. 

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