One Tweet Has Ignited An Internet War Between Cara Maria/Marie Fans

The Challenge: Final Reckoning doesn’t premier until July 10, but that hasn’t stopped Challenge fans from stirring up some drama on social media. One tweet (see above) has ignited an all out internet war between Cara Maria and Marie stan accounts.




You guys realize this is reality tv, right? Not saying that Cara and Marie are best friends by any means, or that they even really like each other. However, I feel like a small percentage of this video was simply to generate buzz for the upcoming season. So, congratulations. You guys fell, face first, right into their trap. This tweet โ€” as I’m writing this blog โ€” has 148 comments in just under 24 hours. 99% of them are either bashing Cara or Marie.

I find it absolutely hilarious how seriously some people take reality tv. Look, we enjoy reality tv as much as the next person does. Shit, we even created a blog to write about it. With that being said, I highly doubt I’ll ever find myself that upset over a video that one of my favorite shows tweets out.

As we speak, Marie is swatting off Cara stan accounts like she’s Neo fighting multiplying Agent Smith’s in ‘Matrix Reloaded’.

I’m just kicked back, laughing, and wondering why people are so upset that The Challenge casted real-life rivals for……(wait for it)……a rivals season.

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