Angela Accuses Tor’i Of Cheating, Tor’i Denies It, I’m Confused

Friends, we are in the golden age of reality tv. Remember a time, before social media, when we would watch our favorite reality tv shows and have to wait an entire week for the next episode to air before we received any updates on the cast members? Not anymore.

As I was watching last night’s episode of Ex On The Beach, I found myself thinking that Tor’i was a little too quick to forgive Angela for “flirting” with Derrick. We know there could’ve been hours (maybe even days) that separated them fighting and them hooking up, with the power of editing. We also know that neither, Angela or Derrick, told Tor’i the full story of what happened. However, it still seemed strange to me.

THEN, almost immediately after the episode finished, Angela dropped this heater on us:

Ahhhhhh. It’s all coming together now. Tor’i was so quick to forgive Angela because he was busy mounting Chelsko like she was his favorite flavor of protein shake. Or was he?

Angela is saying they did. Tor’i is saying they didn’t. Just when you thought this couldn’t get any more confusing, Chelsko chimes in and absolutely twists our minds in a pretzel.

Ok, what the hell is going on? Did Chelsko and Tor’i hook up or not? I guess it doesn’t really matter now. It’s already out there and, at this point, people have already formed their own opinions, but it’s always fun to speculate. So, what do you think?

One thought on “Angela Accuses Tor’i Of Cheating, Tor’i Denies It, I’m Confused

  1. I think that Tor’i did cheat on Angela during ex on the beach season 1 because if he didn’t then he wouldn’t have forgiven Angela for the things she did when Tor’i had left the house and now that he’s back he’s trying to flip everything on Angela and look like the victim in what went down during their relationship and after their whole break up


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