Big Brother Cast: Who Has What it Takes?

Big Brother 20 starts tonight so take a minute to get to know the houseguests and their chance at winning before the 2 hour Season Premiere tonight at 8:00 on CBS!

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Steve Arienta

Pros: He’s a former undercover cop, which is certainly a pro as long as he lies about it and no one figures it out, otherwise he’s gone. He’s a family man and claims to be funny which might give him the “dad” of the house card to play for a bit. He’s from jersey, so let’s all hope he has a good accent.

Cons: At 40, he’s the oldest in the house. Thankfully it’s not a team game, but it’s likely that will work against him. He has no strategy and doesn’t seem to know an extensive amount about the game.

Winning percentage: 10%

Sam Bledsoe

Pros: She seems to know a lot about the game and has a strategy going into it.

Cons: She seems to be all about girl power and rarely do all girl alliances work out long term in this game. She wants to win first HOH, ballsy move. She has not watched many recent seasons which could work against her.

Winning percentage: 40%

Haleigh Broucher

Pros: Lets jump to the point. She’s a good looking girl. Rarely does that work against someone, unless they jump in a showmance making them a huge target. She knows not to play too hard too fast and wants to lay low at first.

Cons: She would rather have America love her than make big moves and be hated.

Winning percentage: 30%

Kaycee Clark

Pros: She is physically strong being a pro football player and is not afraid to go against the grain. She’s ok with lying.

Cons: She could come off a physical threat too early in the game. She seems a bit combative if things don’t go her way.

Winning percentage: 70%

Tyler Crispen

Pros: He can certainly play off his dumb surfer boy personality and have people like him.

Cons: He admits he’s a bad liar. He says he wants to win, but also seems open to a showmance knowing that it will kill his chances.

Winning percentage: 45%

Bayleigh Dayton

Pros: I’m going to be honest… I couldn’t find one, but here’s a stretch. She is a yoga instructor so she has good balance 🤷🏻‍♀️

Cons: She “calls people out” so cue the house meeting now. She is “engulfing”… not sure what that means as a characteristic, but doesn’t sound like someone I want to spend 90 some days with. She’s open to a relationship.

Winning percentage: 10%

Kaitlyn Herman

Pros: Where did they find this cast 🤦🏻‍♀️Maybe she can read people, which is a stretch.

Cons: She’s trusting crystals and her guides to help her win. I watched a 6 minute video interview and already can’t stand her so… imagine living with her for 90 days.

Winning percentage: 20%

Winston Hines

Pros: He is here to win. He is ok with making some enemies along the way. He is competitive, but knows he can’t be too competitive too early on. He is a big fan of the game. He’s also good looking, which doesn’t hurt.

Cons: None that stood out.

Winning percentage: 90%

Angie “Rockstar” Lantry

Pros: She wants to win and seems fairly personable.

Cons: She’s one of the older ones (34) and certainly stands out, which isn’t a good thing on Big Brother. She is all about female power and alliance, which rarely works. Angie is also trusting crystals…

Winning percentage: 30%

JC Mounduix

Pros: He’s really short which will come in handy in a lot of competitions. He seems really likable and easy to get along with. He might be underestimated based on his size.

Cons: Being gay and having an accent might make him a little bit harder to relate to for some people.

Winning percentage: 75%

Brett Robinson

Pros: He seems to have a good strategy and understanding of the game. He is smart and can assess people.

Cons: He is very open to a showmance. He would rather America love him than win.

Winning percentage: 65%

Angela Rummans

Pros: She’s a model, enough said. She is physically fit and seems likable. She has a good strategy and wants to be in good with the girls and guys (Britney Haynes).

Cons: She is going to use her sexuality to get ahead, which could result in a showmance even though she is against getting into one.

Winning percentage: 65%

Scottie Salton

Pros: He wants to get rid of the floaters. He is there to win and is avoiding showmance (as if he had a choice) at all cost. He has a fun personality.

Cons: He seems like an airhead. He doesn’t have a filter and says things without thinking.

Winning percentage: 50%

Faysal Shafaat

Pros: He doesn’t want to have to be a physical threat until later in the game. He’s a substitute teacher and being a teacher myself I have to say it certainly gives you the patience and skills to adapt that can be used in the game.

Cons: He’s not opposed to a showmance and he will likely come off as a threat just based on appearance.

Winning percentage: 80%

Rachel Swindler

Pros: Understands how important it is to manage the jury if you want to win.

Cons: Her name is Rachel and she’s a Vegas entertainer… throws up a red flag for me. She wants a showmance.

Winning percentage: 40%

Chris “Swaggy C” Williams

Pros: He agrees Paul was robbed of a million dollars. He is anti showmance.

Cons: He said he didn’t like Derricks game, which is arguably the best game every played. He is “outspoken” and will call others out on any deception, which doesn’t usually sit well with houseguests.

Winning percentage: 0% I predict he goes home first.

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