‘Ex On The Beach’ Finale Ends In A Fight (kind of)

I’m never the type of person that condones violence. There are much more mature ways to handle any situation. However, if you’re talking shit about someone’s girlfriend, you have to be prepared to deal with the consequences.

No, this wasn’t a CT knocking Adam’s head off of his shoulders and destroying the entire house type of fight, but it was much more entertaining than every other pushing match we’ve seen on MTV since. I feel like it could’ve been A LOT worse than what it was. Very quickly, Cory either realized what he was doing was wrong, or that he may not get his paycheck from the show for fighting, and immediately backed off of Cam. Credit to Cam though. He didn’t seem phased by any of the shots that Cory landed on him even though Cory is about 120 lbs. over his weight class. Respect.

Sidebar: I was extremely disappointed that Cory and Paulie didn’t hash this one out on Twitter last night for all of us to witness:

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