Big Brother Fans: 3 Reasons to Watch The Challenge:Final Reckoning

MTV has been playing their cards right pulling in people from Are You the One, jumping countries to UK’S Ex On the Beach and recently pulled some CBS Big Brother stars Natalie and Victor onto The Challenge Vendettas last season. MTV must have liked the diversity as much as the fans because this coming season The Challenge: Final Reckoning they have brought 4 Big Brother contestants.

*Disclaimer Jozea will be on the season, but is not mentioned below. Take that for what it is*

1. Natalie Negrotti

Natalie did a nice job aligning herself with The GOAT Johnny Bananas last season and proving herself in competitions. She is back to prove herself worthy or being a Challenge staple.

Her partner

2. Paulie Calafiore

Paulie jumped into the MTV world on the past season of Ex on the Beach and is now making his first appearance on The Challenge being partners with Natalie. This season is all about pairing people together that don’t get along. After, Paulie stated Natalie was as fake as her breasts on their season of Big Brother it is safe to say they are not all that friendly.

3. Da’Vonne Rogers aka Momma Day

Day was best known for her explosive nature, which MTV loves. She was a loyal alliance member, but was not known for being great at competitions with no HOH or veto wins. I don’t envision her lasting long on Final Reckoning due to lack of athleticism, being a newbie and her partner*, but she is sure to make her appearance known as she makes her debut on The Challenge. If all else fails to we can always hope for another memorable exit from our girl, Momma Day.

The Challenge: Final Reckoning premieres this Tuesday the 10th at 9 pm on MTV.

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