‘AYTO’ Announces New “Fate Button” Twist For Season 7

AYTO will experiment with a new twist in its 7th season. Typically, the houseguests would pair up and compete to see which couple would win a date and possibly go into the Truth Booth. This season, there will be a new system called the “Fate Button” that will determine which couples will get to go on dates, leaving their game up to — you guessed it — fate. Call me old fashioned, but I happened to enjoy the old format of AYTO. I get it, some challenges would be 100% predictable because the houseguests would throw it to a couple that had been clicking. That’s just the nature of the game. It’s their money, they can play with it however they want.Sometimes you just have to shake things up and I fully understand that. Like it or not, the “Fate Button” is coming to AYTO season 7 premiering on August 8. Sidebar – Shout out to MTV for hooking us up with a sneak peek of the season 7 cast.

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