No Amount Of Oils Or Sage Could Fix The Mess Kaitlyn Has Gotten Herself In

Everyone knew that we were in for a wild ride when kooky-ass Kaitlyn won HoH last Thursday, but even the biggest superfan could not predict this type of self implosion.

As crazy as it sounds, winning HoH this week was, probably, the worst thing that could have happened to Kaitlyn’s game. She was sitting so pretty. Had the security blanket of her alliance (FOUTTE), and started a friendship with Tyler which lead to building trust with the other side of the house (Level 6). All she had to do was throw HoH comps, play both sides of the house and lay low until it was time to actually compete.

Ok, so she won HoH this week. One would think that getting the least amount of blood on your hands, when you are in Kaitlyn’s position, would be the smartest move to make. Right?

NOOOOOPE. This clueless Theresa Caputo decided that she was going to use her oils and her sage to draw a line in the sand by removing Scottie from the block and backdooring Swaggy. Look, I will always be a fan of big moves, and this is one, but there is a time and a place for them. Week 2, when you are already sitting in a damn good spot in the house, is not the time to make one.

This is, more than likely, all she wrote for Kaitlyn’s game — seeing that she now has a bigger target on her back than anyone from the Level 6 alliance. She made her bed (with Tyler), now she has to lay in it (probably by herself). At least we will always have this gem:

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