Scottie Goes Full Savage

As we all know by now, Kaitlyn completed her backdoor plan to send Swaggy home last night. However, that was not even close to the biggest storyline of the night. Scottie, the new HoH, made what was probably the shadiest move of the season so far.

Not only did he vote to evict Swaggy while wearing a Swaggy C shirt…

It was his idea to have everyone that was voting to keep Swaggy wear one of his “Swaggy C” shirts.

I don’t understand the move. I wouldn’t necessarily say that Swaggy and Scottie were best friends in the house, but I didn’t think Scottie disliked him enough to pull this kind of savagery out of nowhere either.

At this point, I feel like I can’t believe anything Scottie says anymore. Hell, is he even really a virgin? Or is that just a role that he’s playing to gain some sympathy from the other houseguests? Who knows.

Anyway, Scottie is the new HoH and it will be interesting to see what his plan might be. After last night, I have a hard time believe that anyone is safe with this wild card at the helm.

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