You Come At Darrell, You Best Not Miss

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — as good as the show is, the drama between The Challenge cast members on Twitter is equally as entertaining. Last night (July 12) was no exception to this as we witnessed Wes and Darrell engage in a back-and-forth. I can’t tell if they were being serious or not, but, for Wes’ safety, let’s hope they weren’t because Darrell is someone that I would NOT want to cross.

The only valid point Wes made in this tweet was the part about the “millennial challengers” being the only ones that talk shit in Twitter. Even then, he didn’t realize he was actually taking a shot at himself because Wes is, in fact, a millennial. Other than that, taking jabs at Darrell’s grammar? Honestly, who cares? We all know that teling > speling anyway.

With one reply, Darrell comes from the top ropes and puts Wes in a body bag.

The best part about this whole exchange is the fact that Wes called Darrell an “over the hill” OG.

Let’s not forget that we just watched Wes lose the Final of Champs vs Stars to CT and Tony (yes, Tony) with former NBA player and world-class athlete, Boobie Gibson, as his partner. Talk about over the hill…

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