It’s Tony Time!

One question surrounded the early stages of The Challenge: Final Reckoning — who will be Bananas’ partner? As we all know, Bananas has mixed it up with just about every person who has participated in The Challenge. So, MTV could have gone many different ways with their decision.

Could it be Devin? Who has had his fair share of run-ins with Bananas. Could Sara make a return to The Challenge and somehow finally get her revenge on Bananas for taking her share of $275,000?



Bananas took Tony under his wing and showed him the ins-and-outs of the game. Some say he may have even taught Tony too much as Tony pulled a Bananas-like move on Vendettas blindsiding his mentor which lead to Bananas’ elimination loss to Devin. I may be alone on this, but it just seems like there are no hard feelings between Bananas and Tony as we stand today. Sure, they will still take subtle jabs at each other from time to time throughout this season, but that’s just two friends shooting the shit. Bananas is someone who lives for this game. After the dust settled and a couple of days had passed, I’m sure Bananas had a new found respect for Tony. How could he not? That blindside took a GIANT set of balls.

If my theory holds true, and the two have buried the hatchet, Tony and Bananas could be a very dangerous team this season.

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