Jemmye Carroll Uses Her Platform To Donate School Supplies To Teachers Across The Country

On a website full of negativity, coming across something positive on your Twitter timeline is a breathe of fresh air. A random act of kindness that can help restore your faith in humanity. That’s what we are witnessing from The Challenge star, Jemmye Carroll.

Jemmye has spent the last 24 hours helping teachers across the country buy school supplies for their students.

It is truly amazing to see the type of impact that one kind-hearted person can make. Not only has Jemmye already fulfilled 10 orders of her own, she has influenced others to get involved as well!

We see people with large social media followings spend most of their time promoting/selling tanning oils or herbal tea products. Not that there is anything wrong with that. They have built their following and can use it anyway they want. However, I have the utmost respect for Jemmye using her platform for something that hits so close to home for me. Being the husband of a K-1 special education teacher, I know first hand how expensive buying school supplies can be. I urge all of you reading this to follow Jemmye’s lead and help an educator give their students the necessary supplies that they deserve. Even if it’s something as small as a box of crayons or pencils, every little bit helps.

And again…Thank you, Jemmye!

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