Is Winston The Biggest Crybaby To Ever Play Big Brother?

During this entire exchange, I tried my hardest to give Winston the benefit of the doubt. I just kept waiting for a “just kidding” or an “it’s all good, man” to come out of him. Hand up, that one’s on me. Should’ve known that a grown man that refers to himself as a “bro” should not get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to thinking rationally.

What did Winston, realistically, think was going to happen when he entered the Big Brother house? Did he really think he would skate by all summer never getting put on the block? Give me a break. That’s only happened one time in the previous 19 seasons (Derrick BB16). At least Scottie gave him a shot at the veto to pull himself off. He could have backdoored Winston and sent him packing without a fighter’s chance.

His “bro,” Brett, is on the block right next to him. Yes Brett seemed pissed about it, but at least he wasn’t threatening physical violence on Scottie because of it. Plus, he also gave us this legendary veto ceremony speech which made my decision of which “bro” I’d rather see stay in the house so much easier:

Do the right thing, houseguests. Send Winston home.

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