Who Were The Three Perfect Matches At The First Matchup Ceremony?

The season 7 cast of AYTO got off to a solid start with the guys picking their way to three beams in the first Matchup Ceremony.

Let’s try to breakdown which couples the three beams belonged to.

Andrew & Lauren

These two really didn’t get much screen time during the premiere. Outside of Lauren being from West Virginia and Andrew acting like he just did a line of Colombian bam-bam before his interview, we don’t know much about them yet.

Perfect Match: NO

Brett & Cali

This side-by-side of Brett and Cali is the result of what happens when MTV makes casting decisions based off of the Abercrombie & Fitch advertisement they saw in the latest issue of GQ.

Perfect Match: NO

Cam & Kayla

These two seemed to have been clicking well, all up until Cam dropped the Trump bomb on Kayla. That seems like a difficult hurdle to get over in this day and age.

Conspiracy theory time: What if one of the ladies told casting that they were on the Trump train during their audition and was just too afraid to admit it once they saw all the shit Cam was getting at the Matchup Ceremony?

Perfect Match: NO

Daniel & Nutsa

Ahhhh, Nutsack and the store-brand Rob Gronkowski. I like these two. They make me laugh. What the hell, let’s give it a shot…

Perfect Match: YES

Kwasi & Asia

Like Andrew and Lauren, we didn’t really get to see that much of Kwasi and Asia together. Not saying they can’t be a Perfect Match, I’m just not willing to fully commit to the idea yet.

Perfect Match: NO

Tomas & Morgan

Ehhh, maybe. Honestly, I just really want Morgan and Moe to be a Perfect Match so we can call the Mo squared. I know, I’m a loser.

Perfect Match: NO

Moe & Jasmine

*See Tomas and Morgan*

Perfect Match: NO

Zak & Bria

Zak and Bria have a very Keyana/Michael from season 6 feel to them. Where Keyana knew from day 1 that Michael was her match, but Michael wanted to test the waters with the rest of the ladies in the house. Long story short, Keyana and Michael ended up being a Perfect Match.

Perfect Match: YES

Shamoy & Maria

They are cute together and all, but I refuse to let myself think they’re a match based on the amount of screen time they got together in the premiere. Not this season, production.

Perfect Match: NO

Tevin & Kenya

The couple production wants you to think is a Perfect Match. Don’t fall for it. We’ve seen it too many times before. Most recently with Uche and Clinton from season 6. Too obvious.

Perfect Match: NO

Lewis & Samantha

The complete OPPOSITE of Tevin and Kenya. Production wants you, so badly, to believe that there is NO way these two are a match. Hell, the premiere started with Samantha telling Lewis, “You’re immature, but we can be friends.” Lewis returning the favor, calling Samantha stuck up. They are exactly what each other needs!

Perfect Match: YES


Three beams:

  1. Daniel & Nutsa
  2. Zak & Bria
  3. Lewis & Samantha

I’m confident in two out of three of my picks — Daniel and Nutsa being the wild card. But let’s face it, who the hell really knows. I know I’ll come back to this blog when the season is over and none of the three will be Perfect Matches.

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