Grading Zingbot’s Season 20 Performance

Zingbot 9000 made its much anticipated return to the Big Brother house last night. The zing slinging robot is fan favorite every season, but if I’m being honest, I was a little disappointed in Zingbot’s performance this year. Look, I understand Big Brother is a network television production (CBS), and they can’t be as edgy as they probably want to be won Zingbot. It is a family show, after all. However, the zings did not live up to the hype this season.

Sidebar: In Zingbot’s defense, the jokes would’ve fell right into the writer’s laps if houseguests like Kaitlyn, Rockstar, Winston, and Swaggy were still in the house.

Let’s breakdown the zings and give Zingbot’s season 20 performance an overall grade.


Heartless, emotionless, and soulless. I get it. Zingbot is taking the “Angela’s snobby goodbye messages” angle. Not one IKEA, or furniture in general, reference? Really?


Much like with his alliance, Scottie deserved better. He’s been an interesting character all season AND he’s about to be sent to the jury house because one of his alliance member is a “full-time moron” (we’ll get to that in a minute). Wish they would have sent him off with a zing that affected him more than it did Fessy.


I’ll admit, this one wasn’t horrible. Kaycee does say “let’s go” an obnoxious amount of times. “LETS GO…to final 4 because Tyler is going to carry me there and FOUTTE is too dumb to get us evicted.”


Hands down best zing of the night. I have become a Brett fan as the season has progressed. He’s hilarious. But there’s NO denying that he is the stereotypical, frat-boy, “DOOOUUUUUCHE.” Rockstar would be smiling from ear to ear in her jury house grave if she heard this one.


This one made no sense to me. Maybe I’m the punchline because I may have missed something. But greasy, crispy, zit burgers just doesn’t do it for me.


This one was a close second to Brett’s. “Full-time moron” could not be more accurate. Then to throw an “every child left behind” line in at the end, brilliant. I have nothing bad to say about this zing. Well done, Zingbot.


So JC has a thick accent and thicker back hair. These are just facts, not jokes. Be better.


Another zing that I won’t hate on. This one was solid. One of Haleigh’s closest allies in the house was evicted during her HOH. Even though it was completely out of her control, she deserves to be roasted for that. “To zing, or not to zing” was a nice touch at the end as well.


Zingbot missed a GOLDEN opportunity here. Yes, it was a solid zing with an enormous amount of truth behind it (we all know Sam is crazy), but Sam was a goddamn robot for like two weeks and they couldn’t figure out a way to tie that in to a joke? C’mon…


I feel like this is an extremely generous grade. The roasting robot was saved by a couple of laugh out loud zingers sprinkled in between an abundance of….meh? Zingbot is, and always will be, a Big Brother staple, but we all have bad games. Just have to get back to the drawing board and be better next year.

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