‘Catfish’: The End Of An Era

If you’ve read anything that I have ever wrote, whether it was a blog post or a simple tweet, you know that I always try to find the humor in every situation. But this one…this one was difficult for me. I’ve typed several paragraphs on this blog post already that have all been deleted because I couldn’t find the right words. So, here we go.

Sidebar: Yes, I know Max did not die and that he’s simply leaving Catfish, but I’m allowed to be upset. Right?

While watching this clip at the end of Wednesday’s (August 29) episode, my eyes immediately started to sweat. Max hit me straight in the feels. Pulling at every heart string. A seven season trip down memory lane.

Selfishly, after the episode ended, all I could think about was how bad this sucks. Nev said it himself, the show will go on. They will find another co-host. But, it will never be the same. They’re not going to find someone that can match the chemistry that Nev and Max had on camera together. It’s impossible.

With that being said, thank you for all of the great memories throughout the years, Max. I wish you nothing but happiness and success in your future endeavors. Just don’t forget about us when you become a big shot, Hollywood filmmaker. #SeeYouLaterMax

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