The Jurors May Not Be As Bitter As We Originally Thought

Heading into last night’s (September 20) live eviction episode, I was 100% sure that we were about to see the most bitter jury in the history of Big Brother. It felt like the only chance that any member of Level 6 had to win this game was to take another member of their alliance to final two because the jury would be forced to vote for one of them. Then, CBS finally gave us a jury segment.

PLOT TWIST. The jury isn’t anywhere close to being as bitter as we originally thought they would be — which is what I hoped would happen. Whenever there is a bitter jury, the best player never wins.

The jurors seem like they’ve had some time to reflect and put some of their personal issues with certain houseguests aside. We heard Rockstar and Bayleigh talk about how they felt Kaycee was playing the best game. Although Scottie and Haleigh seemed upset by some of Tyler’s moves, they respected his game and didn’t act butthurt by it. Good on them.

Of course, we won’t truly know if the jury will vote bitter or not until finale night. However, it seems like they are leaning toward voting for the houseguest that played the best game and not the one they dislike (personally) the least.

By the way, how funny was it when Bayleigh and Fessy were arguing about who played the dumbest game? That’s like Marcellas, Lawon, and Cody sitting in a room debating which move was worse — not using the veto (that you won) on yourself in the final five, volunteering to be evicted, or taking Derrick to final two.

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