Is Level 6 Being Overhyped?

I’m not trying to diminish anything that Level 6 has accomplished this season. They’ve been fantastic. Three out of the six original members will be moving on to the final four — four out of six if Brett didn’t show his hand to the wrong person (Tyler). That is flat out impressive. However, I do feel like they are being a bit overhyped.

I don’t want it to seem like I’m picking on Josh here because he isn’t the only one that has made a comment similar to this, he’s just the most recent. Look, I get it. As I stated earlier, what Level 6 has been able to do this season has been impressive. But let’s not act like they were working against the most formidable of opponents — FOUTTE/The Hive.

I won’t go into the details of every FOUTTE/The Hive self-implosion this season because I have already blogged that here. And here. There were several occasions where FOUTTE/The Hive made this game much easier than it is supposed to be for Level 6. To their credit, Level 6 just kicked back and watched the circus as FOUTTE/The Hive blew their own game up…week after week.

Outside of Tyler convincing Kaitlyn to backdoor Swaggy week two, what has Level 6 accomplished socially? Sure, they’ve won plenty of competitions against houseguests that, let’s face it, aren’t exactly good at competitions; but that’s only a part of the game. I find it hard to consider such a one-dimensional (comp beasts) alliance to be in the conversation with some of the best alliances in the history of Big Brother.

If you think about it, the most valuable member to Level 6’s social game….isn’t even a member of Level 6. JC was the one that planted seeds of doubt in FOUTTE/The Hive every time they had the power. JC has been the swing vote, NUMEROUS times, that has helped Level 6 send home their target. JC was the one that got inside Fessy’s head during a crucial point of the game and convinced him to target Scottie instead of a member of Level 6 during his HOH. Take competitions completely out of the equation and ask yourself, is JC the most valuable member to Level 6’s success this season?

All this, and I haven’t even mentioned their abysmal jury management. It has been such a dumpster fire that if Tyler, Kaycee, or Angela go the final two with either Sam or JC, they’re going to lose. All of which have much better cases to win this season than Sam or JC, but jury management is a HUGE component in this game.

Don’t get me wrong, Level 6 has been good this season. Very good. They’ve been loyal, for the most part, since day one and have absolutely dominated BB20. But let’s be honest, even The Regulators might have dominated BB13 (the way Level 6 has BB20) if their adversaries were FOUTTE/The Hive instead of The Veterans.

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