Kam Will Win Multiple Finals Before Her Career Is Said And Done

From the highs of defeating Brad and Kyle in the Redemption House challenge, to the lows of being eliminated in the daily challenge purge. Kam and Kayleigh went on a roller coaster ride of emotions during last night’s (November 6) episode of The Challenge: Final Reckoning. Although she came up short of reaching her second Final in as many season, there is still an enormous amount of promise when it comes to Kam’s future on The Challenge.

Let’s take a look back to Vendettas, Kam’s rookie season. If you have ever watched just one episode of this show, you know that the phrase, “earn your stripes” gets tossed around….a lot. The rookies are ALWAYS the first, and easiest, targets to send into the elimination. Vendettas was no exception when it came to Kam’s gameplay. She was sent into elimination after elimination. It would have been easy for her to pout and play the, “why me?” card after being sent in to five total eliminations that season. Nope. Not Kam. Instead, she strapped her helmet on and she kicked ass. Winning all five eliminations she was sent into and making the Final in her rookie season. A star was born. She entered Vendettas as Kam from season 5 of AYTO?, she left as “Killa Kam.”

Fast forward to her sophomore season, Final Reckoning. We witnessed a more strategic version of Kam. After winning the “Dig Deep” daily challenge, Kam orchestrated one of the best strategies I’ve ever seen in the history of the show. Her and Kayleigh’s vote counted as two, so to keep Joss/Sylvia and Brad/Kyle safe, Kam called a house meeting saying that they were going to vote for one of those two teams. No one in their right mind would vote for Joss/Sylvia or Brad/Kyle because that means they would be sent into the elimination as well — with Kam/Kayleigh’s vote counting as two. So, the entire house burned votes on each other. Meanwhile, Kam and Kayleigh vote Faith/Angela in and Kam’s master plan was a success.

We move ahead to last night’s episode. Brad and Kyle pull the double cross and choose to compete against Kam and Kayleigh in the Redemption House challenge (first mistake). Brad decides he is going to climb the wall while Kyle helps with the math from behind the fence (second mistake). Brad’s plan was to put the pegs in the wall and count as he climbed (final and fatal mistake). Meanwhile, Kam laid all of her pegs out, did the math on the ground, then handed them to Kayleigh to climb the wall after double-checking her work. Not only is Kam a physical beast, she’s a strategical one now too? Look out, other cast members!

It’s freezing cold outside as I’m writing this, so let’s fire up the hot take machine! Kam WILL win multiple Challenge Finals before her career is all said and done. She is smart, physical, athletic, and has all of the tools to get the job done. Here’s the kicker, she’s only 24-years-old. There is still a lot of tread left on her Challenge tires. Kam has proven herself and her presence on the show is well known….

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