UPDATE: Gianna Has Found Her Doppelgänger

One day after asking Twitter to “do its thing,” Gianna Hammer has found her doppelgänger. Modern technology is a beautiful thing. Imagine if the year was 1978 instead of 2018. The Internet would not yet be invented, which means there would be a zero percent chance that Gianna would stumble upon her mirror image. However, in just over 24 quick hours, Gianna’s look-a-like was found.

Tiana Masaniai

Tiana, an actress from Southern California, was brought to Gianna’s attention for the first time when a friend sent Hayden a commercial for Ring asking if Gianna was the actress in it. This is when the process of finding Tiana began. Gianna tweeted out a video of the commercial stating “You guys… THIS ISN’T ME BUT SHE’S MY LONG LOST TWIN HOW CAN I FIND HER.” Gianna also tagged Ring in the tweet hoping they would help.


Once again proving how powerful the Internet/Twitter can be.

The two have spoken via DM and have found out that they have more in common than just their looks. Gianna is adopted and Tiana does not know her biological father. So, it’s not completely out of the realm of possibilities that these two are somehow related. I mean, you could easily convince me.

Whether they are related or not, I have a feeling only good things will come from this. Two people, from opposite ends of the country, with similar pasts (and looks). We could be witnessing a friendship developing right before our eyes. All we ask is that you add us to the end credits when Disney writes a movie about this story, Gianna and Tiana.

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