Could Tonight’s Double Eviction Salvage A Lackluster Season?

I’m pretty sure we all know how the first part of tonight’s episode of Big Brother will go down. Alex has said, multiple times this week, that Elena was her target. Apparently, Alex did not learn from Jessica or Josh’s HOH. I can not stress this enough. It DOES NOT matter who your target is as HOH if you do not have the votes. It’s that simple. Jessica didn’t have the votes to evict Josh, Ramses went home. Josh didn’t have the votes to evict Elena, Jessica went home. It’s really a simple task that some of these people just do not understand. Alex does not have the votes to evict Elena. Cody will be evicted — again — and become the first member of jury tonight.

The only hope for this season to become remotely interesting is if either Mark or Elena win HOH during tonight’s Double Eviction. In the recent weeks, they have both became aware that they are on the outside of Paul and his “minions.” If one of them wins HOH, Paul’s alliance should be one houseguest smaller by the end of the night. Should being the key word.

While I don’t think they have the votes to evict Paul, something crazy could happen in the scramble of a Double Eviction. So, it’s not completely out of the question. If the houseguest were smart — *whispers* they’re not — they would vote Paul out if given the chance. Let’s face it, none of them could be Paul at the end. But I would not be surprised if Paul were on the block at the end of the night and the sheep voted to keep him safe. They’ve worshiped his every fart all season, why stop now?

I never thought I’d say this, but here’s to hoping Mark or Elena win HOH and shake things in the house up a bit. 

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