I’ll Just Flat Out Say It — This Season STINKS!

The worst thing anyone can become is predictable. That’s exactly what tonight’s double eviction — and this whole season for that matter — was. From my couch, I knew exactly what was going to happen as the show unfolded. I’m 100% sure I wasn’t alone on that either.

We all knew, without a doubt, that Cody would be the first one evicted tonight. Leaving us with a slimmer of hope that someone outside of Paul’s alliance — Mark or Elena — would win the second HOH and shake the house up. Well, predictability reared its ugly head multiple times tonight. Not only with the nominations and eviction, but during the HOH competition.

Was it just me, or did the house seem like they were throwing the HOH to Paul? Not one person picked him to play in the competition after they had won. Hell Mark won twice and still never picked Paul to compete, which was a wildly idiotic move on his part. Paul only competed in the competition when it was numerically impossible for him not to. He may not have won HOH, but again, he technically did.

Jason won HOH and nominated Mark and Elena. Predictable. During Jason’s speech, he talked about a conversation him and Mark had about making a big move to take out Paul.​

​Jason said he didn’t want to be in the middle of them feuding and that was the reason he was putting Mark on the block. All while showing his cards by taking Paul’s side. Predictable. Mark wound up winning veto, pulling himself off the block, and Elena was evicted. 

This entire season has been predictable. Paul has been the HOH holding all of the power every single week. His target has been the one that goes home every time.

Then there is Matt and Raven.​​

​Yes, you guys do suck. The only TV time these two get is when they are volunteering to go on the block as a pawn, or when someone is talking about the 400 bowls of cereal Matt eats per day. Exciting stuff. They’re also too clueless to realize that once Mark is evicted, they’re next. That’s how predictable things have gotten. Unless Mark, Matt, or Raven win HOH or veto, the next three weeks are already set in stone.

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