A Storm is Coming 

“This rose ceremony has been a long time coming”. The truest statement of the season. Bachelor in Paradise has literally drug this out for what feels like years. 

Production shut down and then don’t even get me started on Trump. 

For an entire hour all we saw was some scrambling and Dean saying he wanted to slow things down. 
On to the Rose Ceremony, FINALLY! 

Taylor is first up and shocker she picks Derek. Aweeee ❤️

The second rose is given to Matt from Jasmyne despite a few bumps in the rose

Raven gives her rose to Adam over Ben Z. which is truly just a shame. 

Alexis chooses Jack Stone with her rose. 

Lacey after a quick make out session picks Diggy. 

Danielle decides to save Ben Z. Bachelor Nation thanks you for this! 

Kristina foolishly chooses Dean despite all the red flags. I’m sure that one will come back to sting. ⛳️ 

Finally, Amanda chooses Robby. Ken and Barbie riding off into the sunset. 

This sends home Vinny, Alex, Iggy and Santa. 
The following day Paradise is graced by Danielle Lombard, better known as DLo from Nick’s season. 

DLo instantly comes in and instantly starts trouble by taking Dean on an ATV date. They hit it off and end with a kiss. 

Dean comes back and tells Kristina he had a fun date but there was no strong romance which is clearly a lie. However, Kristina buys it and she’s happy with Dean. That night they have a bonfire and Dean and Kristina cuddle up next to the fire and things seem to be going well until Dean decides to bring out a cake for DLo’s half birthday which sends Kristina into a meltdown. No one is buying what Dean is selling at this point and they are all worried about Kristina. 

Tune in tonight as 2 new girls arrive and we get to hear DeMario’s side of what went down in Paradise. 

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