Catfish: Arica Shares Her Side Of The Story

Arica – from Catfish “Nicole & Nicole” – was generous enough to tell us her side of the story from the episode. We touched on a variety of topics such as how and why the fake “Nicole Riot” page came about, her history with Ryan, parts of the story that were not shared on the show, some interesting behind the scenes information about the show in general, and much more! Take a listen to Arica sharing her side of the story by clicking the link below.

Arica From MTV’s Catfish “Nicole & Nicole”

PS – I may have forgot to ask her if she has been recognized in public from the episode during the actual interview. No worries, we talked after the recording stopped and Arica revealed that she has. In fact, she has even “got a guy’s number” because he recognized her from the show.


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