Ammo “Earned His Stripes” This Season

We’ve heard the phrase “earn your stripes” thrown around many times throught the entire series of The Challenge; typically directed toward rookies. In this Challenge fan’s opinion, stripes were definitely earned by one rookie this season. Ammo.

Two weeks ago, I wrote an episode recap blog that included Ammo beating Tony in an elimination. Once again I will be honest, I did not give Ammo much of a chance going into that elimination. I was completely wrong. I wasn’t making the same mistake last night when Ammo was sent back into the elimination by Derrick to square off against Jordan.

CT described Ammo best last night when he said, “Ammo’s got some scrap to him.” One hundred percent accurate. That’s one of the best competitiors The Challenge has ever seen giving Ammo props. Pretty impressive.

The elimination was called “Striptease” (and no, it’s not what you’re thinking). Both, Jordan and Ammo, had five patches velcroed to their jumpsuits and the first to remove all five of their opponents patches wins. The twist — because there’s always a twist — they had to remove all five patches while being blindfolded the entire time.

This elimination was much more physical than I ever imagined it would be.

Ammo jumped out to a quick lead, but seemed to have ran out of gas towards the end. Jordan came back and eventually won the elimination. The episode ended with a frightening moment where Ammo seemed to have fainted after the elimination.

To learn more about this, read Ammo’s story here.

Although Ammo didn’t win, in my opinion, stripes were earned. Ammo won the first elimination against Tony, then showed the heart of a lion in a losing effort during last night’s elimination. This never quit, no fear attitude should definitely get Ammo an invite to future seasons. I have nothing but respect for Ammo — both as a person and a challenger — after watching this season and reading Ammo’s story.

Tune in next week to find out who wins the ladies side of the elimination between Raj and Bellini (aka Tori and Marie).

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