Keep Your Filthy Hands Off Kevin!

Hopefully, this was just another fantastic edit by the Big Brother production crew. The last several weeks of this season have been pretty predictable, to say the least, when it comes to evictions. The house has made it very clear that they are targeting the showmances. Cody/Jessica first, then Mark/Elena, and finally Matt/Raven. So far, everything has gone according to plan. Jessica and Cody, gone. Mark and Elena, gone. Matt and Raven, currently on the block. However, Kevin’s name has been tossed around more than anyone would want it to be recently.

Although, it does not seem that Kevin is the target this week, a screwed up plan by Jason and Alex could put Kevin’s game in jeopardy. During last week’s live eviction, the entire house voted Mark out except two people. Alex and Jason decided to “go rogue” and vote to evict Matt. Their plan was to blame the vote on Kevin, which proves how alarmingly stupid they are. If the plan was to blame the vote on Kevin, why would both of them vote? Kevin has nobody that he is paired with. Why would the other houseguests believe that it was him and not two people who are working together? Just stupid.

Proving again how alarmingly stupid they are, Jason tells Kevin about how him and Alex went “rogue” and were trying to blame him for it. THEN, Jason told Alex that it was alright because he told Kevin to “keep that between them.”

With Jason in power as the HOH and Kevin now knowing about their plan, Alex talked about the possibility of backdooring Kevin this week. Nope! Not here for that. Once again, I hope this was just another fantastic editing job by the Big Brother production crew.

“Dumb and Dumber” (Matt and Raven) are on the block. Unless they win veto this week, send one of them home. I’ve been against the predictability of this season the entire time, until now. Keep your filthy hands off Kevin and send one of these mush for brains home!

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