Paul’s Target Should Be Obvious

It’s a surprise to no one, literally no one, that Paul has guaranteed himself a spot in the final three by winning the most recent HOH. Shocking, I know. It may not even matter who his target is – because the evicted houseguest will be determined by the veto winner – but if Paul finds himself holding all the power tonight by winning veto, there’s only one move he can make. Send Josh packing.

It’s the only logical move left. If Josh is evicted, Paul is left competing against Christmas and Kevin in the final three. Christmas, more than likely, won’t even be able to compete in the final three endurance comp because of her foot. Meaning that it will be Paul vs. Kevin for a chance to sit out the second comp and automatically move on to the third. I love Kevin, but let’s face it, he’s not beating Paul in an endurance comp.

Evicting Josh pretty much guarantees Paul a spot in the third and final round. Then, there’s only one thing left to do – win the comp. Paul has to feel good about his chances of beating both Kevin and Christmas in any comp.

Many fans might see this as a “snake” move on Paul’s part because he and Josh are so close. Hand up, I’ve called Paul a snake plenty of times this season. However, I would completely understand this move. It just makes sense. If Paul wins veto, and he’s a smart man (which I believe he is), he’ll bitch slap Josh right in to the jury house tonight. 

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