Who Will Win Big Brother 19?


First and foremost, let it be known that I have no dog in this fight. I don’t have a favorite to win and I wouldn’t be furious if any of them did win. 

With the final three in place and the final episode airing tomorrow here are the different scenarios of how this season could pan out. 

Scenario 1 Final HOH Winner: Paul

If Paul wins the final head of household it would be his smartest move to take Josh to the finals. He has been noted to say that everyone loves Christmas and personally I would think who would want to go against her in the finals if “everyone” loves her. This scenario leads to Josh winning the $500,000. While Josh did create some fuss in the house throughout the season he is not as hated by the jury as Paul is. The only ones I believe will vote for Paul at this point are his delusional puppet master Raven and her buddy Matt. So there you have it. Scenario 1- Josh wins. 

Scenario 2 Final HOH winner- Josh 

Should Josh win the final head of household he has made numerous comments about taking the final shot at Paul and getting him out of the game to secure his own victory. I truly think he will do this because his loyalty lies with Christmas more so than with Paul. I do think getting Paul out of the game would be a game-winner for Josh, especially going against Christmas. She might be well liked by others but she has done very little this season to deserve the $500,000. A couple votes might be thrown her way, but I think the vote would be 7-2 at most, favoring Josh for the win. 

Scenario 3 Final HOH Winner: Christmas 

Should Christmas find a way to win the final HOH or better yet with this season, is thrown the final HOH I am not sure who she would take to the finals. I would like to think she would honor her alliance with Josh, but I think her heart would tell her to take Paul. Her smartest move would be to take Paul. This scenario would make her $500,000 richer with a vote of 7-2 in Christmas’ favor. 

So now you know the three ways this season can end. Scenario 1 and 2 have Josh winning. Scenario 3 is a longshot and has Christmas winning the whole game. In no scenario do I see Paul winning the game, but that does not mean I don’t believe he deserves to. 

If you want to know spoilers on who will be participating in the final of three challenges for the final HOH and why I think Paul has no chance scroll down.


Paul wins the first set of three competitions with the endurance that was shown at the end of the last episode.

Josh wins the second of three competitions.

 This leaves Paul and Josh to battle it out in the third competition to see who will win the final HOH. So go ahead and throw scenario three out the door. I don’t think Christmas has any chance at winning this game, but I do think she has a slighty better chance than winning than Paul at this point with the angry jury. 

The Reason I say this is because Dr. Will did a round table conversation with the jury. Though Alex seemed like she respected Paul and his game play during the last episode despite being bitter, it appears that everyone besides Raven and Matt do not want to vote for Paul to win this game. Before reading  this information I would have thought Paul had a chance of winning with a 5 to 4 vote against Christmas or Josh. After reading this it appears, unless he puts on a real good show and gives a great speech he will lose another season of big brother. If this season has taught me anything though, it’s to never underestimate Paul. 

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