‘ATYO’ Season Premiere: The Malcolm Show

For anyone who is upset with The Challenge not showing enough partying or hooking up anymore, just wait one more day and watch AYTO. The season six premiere of AYTO had more hooking up and partying in one episode than the whole season of The Challenge so far. What a wild start! 

The episode began with a competition where new host, Terrence J, showed the ladies a picture that one of the guys posted. The first to raise their hand won a date with the guy who posted the picture. Long story short, the dates included—Malcolm/Audrey, Shad/Jada, and Ethan/Keyana.

The house voted for Ethan and Keyana to go to the first Truth Booth of the season because, “they both liked music.” Look, I’m no expert on matchmaking, but even I can see that “they both liked music” being the main reason you vote a couple in to the Truth Booth—is a waste of a Truth Booth. C’mon people….WE. ALL. LIKE. MUSIC.

Needless to say, Keyana and Ethan were a confirmed No Match. Keyana, who I had pegged as a sweetheart, showed no mercy when the “No Match” cam across the screen. Keyana looked very excited that Ethan was not her match. Emoney seemed a little upset about Keyana’s reaction, but that didn’t stop him from reminding the house that they need to forget about Bourbon Street because he has all the bars they’ll need. 

I’ll give Keyana the benefit of the doubt though, if I found my Perfect Match week one….I’d be PISSED! I get it, AYTO is a show where the whole objective is to find your match and win $1 million, but think of wild experiences they’d miss out on the rest of the season.

Like I stated earlier, there were plenty of hook-ups in the season premiere.

  • Alexis and Keith popping the Boom Boom Room’s season six cherry
  • Alexis….and, well, the whole house
  • Michael and Keyana in the shower

However, if we’re talking hook-ups, Malcolm stole the show tonight. This dude had all the women in the house feeling him. Went on the date with Audrey, she wanted him. Messed around with Diandra like ten different times throughout the episode. When Diandra went to sleep, he started making out with Nurys. Malcolm definitely made his rounds throughout the season premiere. But with that, comes drama.

The tension between Nurys and Diandra fighting for Malcolm is already so thick that you could cut it with a knife. Or, in Malcolm’s case, with a sandwich.

Hands down funniest part of the episode.

The AYTO season six premiere did NOT disappoint. I can’t wait to see how this all goes down as the season unfolds. 

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