Lindsey’s Pick- Are You The One 

Since girls are always right, go ahead and ignore Aaron’s picks and take a look at the real perfect matches for this season of Are You The One!

Season premieres tonight at 10 on MTV!

Alivia & Joe- Both seem like free spirits and you could find them both at music festivals. Seems like a match made in heaven.

Geles & Anthony- Geles really wants kids and Anthony teaches kids so there’s one thing in common. They both also seem to have fun personalities.

Audrey & Tyler- These two seem to be the sweetest of this season so they deserve each other right?

Nicole & Kareem- Both of them are big on family and seem down to earth.

Jada & Keith- Both seem to have a little bit of a crazy side but maybe they could mellow each other out and be the perfect balance.

Alexis & Malcolm- Malcolm seems to like dark hair and butts so Alexis is his match. They both also seem like they like to have the spotlight on them.

Uche & Clinton- These two both want a relationship and seem too sweet not to find each other.

Diandra & Dimitri- She needs attention and he’s read to give it. Also have to admit he looks a little like Dario and if she has a type he’s her match.

Zoe & David- Both are pretty into themselves and would balance each other nicely.

Nurys & Ethan- Both seem to have a great sense of humor and she needs someone who is persistent to win her over.

Keyana & Michael- Keyana typically goes for pretty boys and Michael is as pretty as they come. They seem to have similar personalities and will mesh well.

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