Put Some Respect On Veronica’s Name

Another laugh out loud moment occurred during The Challenge last night. As the winning team of the previous challenge — CT, Hunter, Kailah, and Camila — made their selections of which guy and girl they were going to send to the Presidio (definitely had to look up how to spell that), Kailah made a statement during her speech that had me dying. I’m paraphrasing here, but Kailah pretty much said she was voting to send Veronica into the elimination because she hasn’t proven anything to her yet.

OK, Kailah. Veronica hasn’t proven anything to you yet? She was winning Challenges back when you were throwing fits at your 8th birthday party because you didn’t get that pink Motorola Razr that you were begging for. So what, Veronica took a couple of years off, and maybe she’s lost a little velocity on her fastball, but don’t get it twisted. She’s still a 3-time Challenge Champion that is crafty enough to reinvent her game and strike you out with some off-speed stuff. No fastball needed. By the way, Kailah didn’t seem to mind when Veronica (who hasn’t proven anything yet) saved her ass from being sent to the Redemption House by solving the puzzle and keeping her team safe.

These young bucks need to put some respect on Veronica’s name!

Sidebar – I was very surprised at the blantant lack of respect CT showed for Veronica. I can, somewhat, understand the younger generation of The Challenge not being old enough to remember what Veronica is capable of, but not CT. If you’ve read any of our Challenge blogs, it’s no surprise that CT is our favorite. However, I can still admit when he is wrong. CT has been around the block for a while. He, of all people, should know that you shouldn’t underestimate Veronica.

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