I’m 100% Confident That Shad Peaked In High School

​​Shad might be the most out of touch dude-bro in the history of reality television. That might even be an insult to dude-bros. As annoying as they are, I must admit, they at least keep up with social trends. Shad…not so much. Look, I don’t claim to be someone who understands every single trending thing that happens, but even I know that “YOLO” is a thing of the past. Like seven years ago, past. 

That could play a role in why MTV has given Shad so little of screen time. He reminds me of the “peaked in high school” type. Probably lays around the AYTO house telling stories about his glory days when he used to steal his dad’s beer and dry hump girls in his parents basement. The type of guy who’s idea of a date is having a girl come over to watch highlights of him from his old playing days.Then there’s this:​

​So let’s get this straight, Shad is arrogant, awkward, and apparently would rather be ripped than financially stable at the age of 50. Something every woman wants in the man she settles down with, right? Probably why Zoe said she’d rather get a hickey from a gator than be his Perfect Match.

I’ll leave you with this gem — Shad trying to understand what “lit” and “turn up” mean.​

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