Bria Is The Wild Card This Season Needs

Season 7 of AYTO kicked off last night (August 15) with a jam packed, two-hour premiere. First and foremost, let me go on the record saying that season 7 has some pretty damn big shoes to fill. Season 6 brought the heat and will be tough to top in my opinion. With that being said, the S7 cast DID NOT disappoint in the premiere.

Typically, this would be an episode recap blog. But I don’t have the time or energy to go back and recap a two-hour premiere that was entertaining from start to finish. So, let’s discuss the belle of the ball.


Bria, Bria, Bria. Where do we start? I know what most of you are thinking; That Reality Blog is about to drag Bria through the mud.

Did Bria show signs of being a stage 5 clinger? Sure. Was she acting like a crazy person for the majority of the episode? Absolutely. HOWEVA….crazy puts asses in the seats and brings eyeballs to the television. Bria is the type of character that can turn a lackluster season into one of the most entertaining ones. I mean, how the hell could you possibly say this season is “boring” when you have Bria threatening to kill Zak for breathing? (Not really, but you get the point)

Let’s not forget the fact that Bria openly admitted that she may have taken things too far when she was talking to Morgan. She knew she was wrong. She has admitted that she has driven men away time and time again because she can be a little too….passionate? That’s why Bria is here. That’s why they all sign up for this show (or at least that’s what we’re led to believe). They “suck at relationships” and need to work on their deficiencies.

Say whatever negative things you want about Bria, but I promise you will keep watching BECAUSE of her.

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