‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Week 8



Prediction: Fessy will probably nominate Scottie and Angela, for whatever reason, with the plan to backdoor Tyler. Tyler will get picked to play veto, win it, take Angela off the block (again), and Kaycee will be named the replacement nominee (again). Scottie will go home. How did I come to this conclusion? Fessy is a member of FOUTTE. Need I say more?


Brett & Scottie

Told you guys. Unless he wins veto, Scottie is going to the jury house this week. Never change, FOUTTE. Never change.



Hide And Go Veto

Welp. That does it. That seals Scottie’s Fate in this game. Another wasted HOH from the FOUTTE alliance. Good job, good effort.


Brett used the POV to remove himself from the block. Fessy named Kaycee the replacement nominee.

Have to assume Scottie is still the target to head to the jury house because Kaycee has the votes from Level 6 to stay, but stranger things have happened.

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