Rockstar Had Herself A Rough Night

To say Wednesday night’s episode was a struggle for Rockstar would be an all-time understatement. Not only was she anonymously put on the block by the hacker (Kaycee), she also made, not one, BUT TWO of the biggest boneheaded moves that OTEV has ever witnessed.

First, the veto competition was down to four houseguests — Rockstar, Haleigh, Faysal, and Tyler. Three members of FOUTTE vs Tyler. Finally, the alliance that has screwed everything they possible could up since the start of the season has the upper hand on Level 6. The odds are heavily in their favor and there’s no way FOUTTE can drop the ball this time, right?

Rockstar was the second houseguest to get back to OTEV with the correct answer. Tyler is the first to make his way up the wall. He’s kneeling on the stump, answer in hand, and, for whatever reason, Rockstar informs him that his answer is incorrect. Tyler makes his way back down, finds the correct answer, and advances to the next round of the competition.

THIS. IS. THE WORST. ALLIANCE. EVER. They can’t help themselves anymore. Ruining every opportunity they have to succeed in this game simply runs through their veins at this point.

Ok, ok. It’s fine. No need to panic just yet. Rockstar is going to make up for it in the final round of OTEV and eliminate Tyler, right? The two barrel down the wall, search for the correct answer, and who makes their way back to OTEV first? ROCKSTAR! Running with her hands up in celebration. FOUTTE on the sidelines getting wild and popping bottles. They did it. They finally did it! The first HOH where FOUTTE will actually be able to send their target out the door. TYLER IS GETTING BACKDOORED!

But wait…

If you follow our weekly spoilers blog, you would have already known that Tyler won the veto this week. So, when I saw Rockstar make her way back to OTEV first, I knew we were in for a treat.

Now, Rockstar is about to be sent to the jury house…on Haleigh’s HOH. Chalk this up as another L for FOUTTE — the WORST alliance in the history of Big Brother.

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