Tyler’s “Ideal” Final Four Could Be A Problem For One Member Of Level 6

Typically, one would think that when you have four alliance members remaining from the six person alliance you made on day one, you would want to take them to final four with you. However, Tyler is, once again, thinking 200 steps ahead.

Last night (August 23) Tyler revealed his “ideal” final four during a Diary Room entry. Knowing that Angela, Kaycee, and Brett are still in the house from Tyler’s day one alliance (Level 6), this should be a no brainer. With Level 6 firmly control of the game, because FOUTTE is an absolute dumpster fire, the four remaining members should cruise their way to the final four. Right?

Well, well, well. Tyler reveals that his “ideal” final four would include: himself, Angela, Kaycee, and…….JC!

A shocking move. Look, I know Tyler has deals with everyone in the house, he’s that good. But I never would have thought he would take JC to final four over his alliance member, Brett.

Then, I started thinking more in depth about the idea. This move makes sense. Tyler clearly wants three people in the final four with him that he knows for a 100% fact he can beat come finale night. To be honest, there is not one houseguest remaining that Tyler wouldn’t beat on finale night, but I see where his head is at.

Brett poses more of a threat to Tyler’s game than JC. Brett has survived the block three times already, winning veto once to pull himself off. Not to mention, Brett has a way with words. We’ve all seen his speeches. Each one better than the last. Is that the guy you want sitting next to you when it’s time for you to stand up and convince the jury to vote for you? HELL NO!

JC is the OBVIOUS choice between the two. What exactly has JC accomplished this season outside of controlling Fessy’s brain last week during his HOH? (Which doesn’t seem that difficult to do if we’re being honest)

Tyler’s “ideal” final four is definitely a problem for Brett. If we’ve learned anything from this season, Tyler usually finds a way to get what he wants.

Find out who this week’s HOH is right here!

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