‘Big Brother 20’ Finale Night: Who Do You Think Will Win It All?

Finale night is finally here! This is always a bittersweet night for me. On one hand, a new Big Brother winner is crowned (exciting). On the other, Big Brother is over until next summer (sad). It’s obvious that we have two, clear-cut, favorites to win season 20 of Big Brother — Tyler and Kaycee — but you never know what could happen. JC could, somehow, pull another HOH victory out of his ass and make his way into the final two. Then, all it takes is a bitter jury for an upset of epic proportions — JC winning over Tyler or Kaycee. Let’s breakdown how each of the final three houseguests made it to finale night.


From furniture, to pinwheel/peanut, to a front runner to win the season. I had such high hopes for Kaycee coming into this season and, let’s face it, she was a dud for the first month and a half of the game. Fans were calling her every different type of furniture you could think of. Then, the most crucial hacker competition of the season happened. Kaycee was nominated by Haleigh earlier in the week, only to win the hacker comp, take herself off of the block, and name Rockstar as the replacement nominee. This move completely changed the game. From then on, Kaycee became the competition beast that we know today. Winning four vetos in a row (five out of the last six). THIS was the Kaycee I expected to see from the jump. Maybe her plan was to lay low in the beginning and strike when the time was right. Who knows? What I do know is that Kaycee absolutely deserves to be where she is now; fighting for a spot in the final two.


Tyler was an interesting character this season. If you asked me within the first two weeks, I would have never thought he would make it to finale night. Why? If history has taught us anything, it’s that houseguests that come out of the gates playing 100 mph on night one….never last. To Tyler’s credit, he managed to bob-and-weave his way through the season and, in my opinion, has played the best overall game. He won comps when he had to (and some where he didn’t necessarily have to, which left all of us scratching our heads). He played a phenomenal social game, especially early on when he was able to make allies with members of both sides of the house. If I had to spot one flaw in Tyler’s game, it would be his jury management — or lack there of. The only way Tyler doesn’t win BB20 if he makes it to final two is because the jury was bitter. BUT….jury management is a HUGE part of this game. So, Tyler would have no one to blame but himself.


Ahhh, JC. Probably the least deserving to win of the final three. Some have even said that he didn’t even deserve to make it this far due to the fact that he slept for the first seven weeks of the season. However, like him or not, JC has played an INCREDIBLE social game. There are many different ways to win Big Brother. If I’m going to sit here and say that Kaycee deserves to win just because she was a comp beast, I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t say JC deserves to win as well. I know, I know. He has only won ONE competition all season, but competitions are just a part of the game, not the whole thing. We’ve seen houseguests win seasons where they weren’t exactly good at comps, but had a way with words and a social game that was lethal. One of the all time greats comes to mind — Dr. Will Kirby. Before you freak out, I’m not trying to compare JC to Dr. Will. I’m just saying that Dr. Will won ZERO competitions during BB2 and still won the game. Why? He had an incredible social game. While JC’s social game was NOWHERE close to what Dr. Will displayed, it was still solid.

If I had to pick the winner of BB20 tonight, there is no question who that would be. Only one of these three houseguests played the game from start to finish. Only one of them seemed to have complete control of the house, no matter who was in power that week. The only way this houseguest loses is that either he didn’t make it to final two or the jury was bitter.

I’m going with…..Tyler.

I’ll admit, it was a tough decision between him and Kaycee. I just couldn’t get over the fact that Kaycee didn’t make her presence know until about a month ago, while Tyler has been making big moves all season long.

Here’s to another fantastic season of Big Brother.

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