‘Big Brother 20’ Finale: The Game Is Changing

Another season of Big Brother is in the books as we witnessed Kaycee take home the $500,000 prize on last night’s (September 26) finale. I know my pick to win BB20 was Tyler, but I was still happy with the end result. Hands down, Kaycee and Tyler played the best two games of the season. So, it was only fitting that they both made it to final two.

I still stand by my statement where I said that Tyler played the best overall game in my blog yesterday. However, once Kaycee and Tyler officially made it to final two, I knew I would be ok with the outcome either way. Both were more than deserving to win.

Like I stated yesterday, it all came down to jury management. That is the one flaw that I pointed out in Tyler’s game and it proved to be a BIG one. BUT…jury management is arguably the most important part of this game. If you do not put enough effort into it, this is the result you will receive — 2nd place.

An interesting dynamic has stood out to me over the past couple of seasons. Gone are the days where a houseguest can enter the house with an abrasive, cutthroat, strategy and win the game — the way Dr. Will Kirby, Evel Dick Donato, and Dan Gheesling did. If that weren’t true, Paul would have won last year and Tyler would have won this year. With that being said, you have to learn how to adapt. I’ll relate it to football. 15-20 years ago teams would only pass the ball on third down. Now, teams are passing the ball on first and goal from the one yard line (shoutout Pete Carroll in the Super Bowl against the Patriots). I’m not saying someone can’t win Big Brother with that style of game. I’m just saying, like it or not, it seems that the game is trending in a different direction now-a-days.

Nonetheless, congratulations to Kaycee Clark. A very deserving winner of Big Brother 20.

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