Finally, A Strategy Going Into The Matchup Ceremony

We are officially seven weeks into this season of AYTO and I believe this is the first time that we have actually witnessed this cast execute some form of strategy during a Matchup Ceremony. Although it was met with mixed reviews, I personally saw nothing wrong with the plan that Cali presented. Let’s face it, they’re seven weeks in, have one Perfect Match, and have not seen anymore than four beams light up. At this point, changes had to be made.

Cali devised a plan to have everyone sit with the person they had sat with the week before, when they received four beams, except for her and Kayla. The two decided that they we’re going to flip partners — Cali sits with Cam and Kayla sits with Tomas. This way, they knew that if they received two beams, Cali/Tomas and Kayla/Cam were Perfect Matches. Is it a risky move? Absolutely, but a move, in my opinion, that needed to be made.

The majority of the house felt that the strategy seemed like a selfish attempt for Kayla and Cali to find their Perfect Match. I see where they were coming from in thinking this, but if the plan works, the house will have SOOOOO much more information than they ever did. That is FOUR people that you will never have to waste another Truth Booth on because you would know that they were Perfect Matches.

Also, I find it humorous that the house made a big deal about this but never batted an eye when Bria and Zak — a CONFIRMED no match — went on a date. I know, I know. The date was designed for Bria/Brett and Zak/Nutsa to get to know each other better, but we all know how that worked out.

Moe said it best — yes, Moe speaks — when he explained that this strategy was like having two Truth Booths without even having to hit the Fate Button. We all know their track record when it comes to the Truth Booth. I mean, they just sent Zak and Nutsa in this week.

Is it a high risk, high reward strategy this late in the game? Sure. But when your back is against the wall, with only a few weeks left, you have no other choice than to take these risks. Going willy-nilly and picking whoever they want has gotten them so far behind in this game. One would think the cast would be open to any type of strategy from here on out.

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