OPINION: If you reply with a spoiler to a social media post from ‘The Challenge’ official account, you’re an asshole

After watching last night’s (October 9) episode of The Challenge: Final Reckoning, I did my usual routine of checking Twitter to see what everyone is saying about it. While I was scrolling through my timeline, I stumbled upon a video that The Challenge official account had tweeted. Intrigued by what I saw from the video, I went to view the replies to see how everyone else felt. Apparently, that was a mistake.

I knew going in that the comment section on any social media post from The Challenge basically consists of 10% cast members replying with something witty or funny, and 90% fans saying nasty things about cast members that aren’t their favorites. However, on this particular post, I saw something that ruined the rest of this season for me. A spoiler.

Before I get a, “but you guys did a Big Brother spoilers blog every week” complaint, there’s a difference. We title those “Big Brother (season) Spoilers: Week (insert week)” with NO other information. That way, if you want to know who won a certain competition or who was nominated, you can read the blog to find out. If not, scroll right by. No harm, no foul. We’ve never replied to a tweet from the official Big Brother twitter account with spoilers.

All I wanted to do was see what other fans thought of the same video that I had just watched. Instead, I found out who won The Challenge: Final Reckoning. Let me just say this; The Challenge has 407k followers on Facebook, 406k on Instagram, and another 249.8k on Twitter. If you reply to one of their posts with a spoiler, you’re a complete ASSHOLE! I don’t need @bozochallengefan4737269 with a Final Reckoning logo as their avi and six followers ruining the season for me with several episodes remaining.

I know that some fans rush straight to Vevmo and Reddit immediately after filming to get the scoop on the latest season — and that’s fine. I have no problem with that, you do you. However, I do have a problem when those spoilers leak their way into the comment section of a tweet from an account with almost 250k followers. Not all of us want to see them. Some of us want to watch the season play out when it airs on TV.

Once again, I want to reiterate that I have no problem with fans that seek out spoilers. I know that 95% of those who know them are decent human beings that don’t find pleasure in ruining the whole season for those of us that don’t want to know what happens. All I’m saying is that if spoilers are your thing, keep them within the forums and threads you’re discussing them on — don’t bring them to The Challenge official Twitter account. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

It is what it is. If I’ve learned anything from this, it’s that you should NEVER read the replies to a social media post from any of The Challenge official accounts.

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