Has Joey Lawrence Ever Watched An Episode Of Big Brother?

I think it’s safe to say that Joey Lawrence is not a Big Brother super fan, by any means. Which is fine, you don’t have to know the game inside and out to participate. But, if you think you can win Big Brother being a lone wolf without any type of alliance, you are sadly mistaken.

Lolo approached Joey during last night’s (January 22) episode in effort to get him to join her alliance. As soon as Lolo brought up the word, alliance, Joey quickly stopped her in her tracks. “I can’t stand that word, alliance.” Joey stated.

Oh, Joey…An EXTREMELY strong alliance wanted you to join them and you turned them away before they could even offer.

Sure, we’ve seen floaters make it far in this game before, but if you actually want to win, you need to work with people. Whether it’s one other houseguest, or a sever person alliance, you NEED another person/group in the house to have your back. It’s Big Brother 101. Simple math.

Joey will probably re-watch this episode after he is evicted and want to kick his own ass — especially if the seven person alliance dominates this season. Nonetheless, it’s was still a very entertaining exchange.

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